Publications de 2021

Articles scientifiques

► Dirand J, Rieunier F, Testa F, Temime L. Evaluating the potential benefits of the use of a water-mist system in firefighting operations for Paris firefighters, through quantitative risk assessment. Archives des Maladies Professionnelles et de l’Environnement. 2021 Nov;82(6):601-13.

► Hocine MN, Perozziello A, Jean K, Godon AS, Temime L, Dab W. Measuring the involvement of companies in prevention: setting a conceptual framework. Archives des Maladies Professionnelles et de l’Environnement. 2021 Nov ;82(6):565-76.

► Echeverria-Londono S, Li X, Toor J, de Villiers MJ, Nayagam S, Hallett TB, [...] Jean K et al. How can the public health impact of vaccination be estimated? BMC Public Health. 2021 Nov;21(1):2049.

► Smith DRM, Temime L, Opatowski L. Microbiome-pathogen interactions drive epidemiological dynamics of antibiotic resistance: a modelling study applied to nosocomial pathogen control. eLife. 2021 Sep;10:e68764.

► Opatowski L, Opatowksi M, Vong S, Temime L. A One-Health quantitative model to assess the risk of antibiotic resistance acquisition in Asian populations: impact of exposure through food, water, livestock and humans. Risk Analysis. 2021 Aug; 41(8):1427-1446.

► Toor J, Echeverria-Londono S, Li X, Abbas K, Carter ED, Clapham HE, […] Jean K et al. Lives saved with vaccination for 10 pathogens across 112 countries in a pre-COVID-19 world. eLife 2021 Jul;10:e67635.

► Smith DRM, Opatowski L. COVID-19 containment measures and incidence of invasive bacterial disease. The Lancet Digital Health 2021 Jun; 3(6):e331-2.

► Daouda OS, Hocine MN, Temime L. Determinants of healthcare worker turnover in intensive care units: a micro-macro multilevel analysis. PloS One 2021 May; 16(5):e0251779.

► Gaythorpe KAM, Hamlet A, Jean K, Garkauskas Ramos D, Cibrelus L, Garske T, Ferguson NM. The global burden of yellow fever. eLife 2021 Mar; 10:e64670.

► Bastard J, Haenni M, Gay E, Glaser P, Madec JY, Temime L, Opatowski L. Drivers of ESBL-producing Escherichia coli dynamics in calf fattening farms: a modelling study. One Health 2021 Mar; 12:100238.

► Sapena V, Enea M, Torres F, Celsa C, Rios J, Rizzo GEM, […] Jean K et al. Hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence after direct-acting antiviral therapy: an individual patient data meta-analysis. Gut. 2021 Mar:gutjnl-2020-323663.

► Anwar WA, El Gaafary M, Girgis SA, Rafik M, Hussein WM, Sos D, Mossad IM, Fontanet A, Temime L. Hepatitis C Virus infection and risk factors among patients and health-care workers of Ain Shams University Hospitals, Cairo. Egypt. PLoS One 2021 Feb; 16(2):e0246836.

► Jean K, Raad H, Gaythorpe KAM, Hamlet A, Mueller JE, Hogan D, Mengistu T, Whitaker HJ, Garske T, Hocine MN. Assessing the Impact of Preventive Mass Vaccination Campaigns on Yellow Fever Outbreaks in Africa: A Population-Level Self-Controlled Case-Series Study. PLOS Medicine 2021 Feb; 18(2):e1003523.

► Li X, Mukandavire C, Cucunubá ZM, Abbas K, Clapham HE, Jit M, Johnson HL, [...] Jean K et al. Estimating the health impact of vaccination against 10 pathogens in 98 low and middle income countries from 2000 to 2030. Lancet 2021 Jan; 397(10272):398-408

► Duchemin T, Bastard J, Ante-Testard PA, Assab R, Daouda OS, Duval A, Garsi JP, Lounissi R, Nekkab N, Neynaud H, Smith DRM, Dab W, Jean K, Temime L, Hocine MN. Monitoring sick leave data for early detection of influenza outbreaks. BMC Infectious Diseases 2021 Jan; 21(1):52.

► Temime L, Gustin MP, Duval A, Buetti N, Crepey P, Guillemot D, Thiebaut R, Vanhems P, Zahar JR, Smith DRM, Opatowski L, Modelling COVID-19 in hospitals REACTinG AVIESAN working group. A Conceptual Discussion About the Basic Reproduction Number of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 in Healthcare Settings. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2021 Jan; 72(1):141-143.

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