Lab Presentation

The "Modeling, Epidemiology, and Health Risk Surveillance" laboratory (MESuRS) was established on January 1, 2011.

The research scope of the MESuRS laboratory covers all health risks, with methodological consistency around quantitative approaches (epidemiology, biostatistics, mathematical modeling). The structural objective is to propose and validate scientific tools for the assessment and management of these risks, aiming to provide operational responses to public health security challenges with significant potential impacts, both socially and economically.

Three major thematic areas are developed within the laboratory: infectious risks, occupational risks, and the impact of global changes. The main themes of our research include, for infectious risks, healthcare-associated infections, antibiotic resistance, HIV, and Covid; for occupational risks, the use of company databases for prevention purposes, psychosocial risks, and absenteeism; for global changes, the health impact of climate policies.


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