Articles en cours de publications

► Henriot P, El Kassas M, Anwar W, Girgis S, Jean K, Temime L. An agent-based model to simulate the transmission dynamics of bloodborne pathogens within hospitals. medRxiv. November 2023. doi:

► Moutet L, Bigo A, Quirion P, Temime L, Jean K. Assessing the health impacts associated with active transportation within four different pathways to net-zero carbon emissions in FrancemedRxiv. October 2023. doi:

► Duval A, Leclerc QJ , Guillemot D, Temime L, Opatowski L. An algorithm to build synthetic temporal contact networks based on close-proximity interactions data. medRxiv. October 2023.doi:

► Schwarz E, Leroutier M, Nazelle AD, Quirion P, Jean K. The untapped health and climate potential of cycling in France: a national assessment from individual travel data. medRxiv. 2023. doi:10.1101/2023.04.04.23288155

► Smith DRM, Sophie Chervet, Théo Pinettes, George Shirreff,  View ORCID ProfileSofía Jijón, Ajmal Oodally,  View ORCID ProfileKévin Jean, Lulla Opatowski, Solen Kernéis, Laura Temime. How have mathematical models contributed to understanding the transmission and control of SARS-CoV-2 in healthcare settings? A systematic search and reviewmedRxiv. March 2023

► Kovacevic A, Smith DRM, Rahbé E, Novelli S, Henriot P, Temime L, Opatowski L. A modeling study on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic responses on the community transmission of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. bioRxiv. February 2023

► Ante-Testard PA, Carrasco-Escobar G, Benmarhnia T, Temime L, Jean K. Investigating inequalities in HIV testing in sub-Saharan Africa: insights from a spatial analysis of 25 countries. medRxiv. October 2022

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► Jean K, Tawheed A, Nguye LBL, Heikal T, Eldaly U, Elhadidy N, et al. Changes in presentation, treatment, and survival of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma in Damietta, Egypt, 2007-2019: a retrospective monocentric cohort study. medRxiv. September 2022.

►  Bouziri H, Roquelaure Y, Descatha A, Dab W, Jean K. The spatio-temporal distribution of musculoskeletal disorders: results of the Global Burden of Disease in 204 countries and 21 subregions between 1990 and 2019. medRxiv. September 2022.

► Charnley GEC, Jean K, Kelman I, Gaythorpe KAM, Murray KA. Using self-controlled case series to understand the relationship between conflict and cholera in Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo. MedRxiv. September 2022

► Smith DRM, Shirreff G, Temime L, Opatowski L. Collateral impacts of pandemic COVID-19 drive the nosocomial spread of antibiotic resistance. bioRxiv. August 2022. abstract

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► Smith DRM, Duval A, Zarah J-R, Opatowski L, Temime L. Bringing COVID-19 home for Christmas: a need for enhanced testing in healthcare institutions after the holidays. medRxiv. December 2020.

►Duchemin T, Noufaily A, Hocine MN. A statistical algorithm for outbreak detection in a multi-site setting: the case of sick leave monitoring. medRxiv. September 2020.