Articles en cours de publications

► Leclerc Q, Duval A, Guillemot D, Opatowski L, Temime L. Using contact network dynamics to implement efficient interventions against pathogen spread in hospital settings. medRxiv. December 2023.

► Henriot P, El Kassas M, Anwar W, Girgis S, Jean K, Temime L. An agent-based model to simulate the transmission dynamics of bloodborne pathogens within hospitals. medRxiv. November 2023. doi:

► Duval A, Leclerc Q, Guillemot D, Temime L, Opatowski L. An algorithm to build synthetic temporal contact networks based on close-proximity interactions data. medRxiv. October 2023.

► Moutet L, Bigo A, Quirion P, Temime L, Jean KAssessing the health impacts associated with active transportation within four different pathways to net-zero carbon emissions in FrancemedRxiv. October 2023. doi:

Ante-Testard PA, Temime L, Jean K. Epidemiological rather than macro-economic factors correlate with socioeconomic inequalities in HIV testing in 16 sub-Saharan African countries. medRxiv. September 2021.

► Oodally A, Hammami P, Reilhac A, Guérineau de Lamérie G, Opatowski L, Temime L. Hospital-level work organization drives the spread of SARS-CoV-2 within hospitals: insights from a multi-ward model. medRxiv. September 2021.